Kelly…out of the Kitchen.

I’m off to Scotland – by the time this post auto-publishes, I’ll be in the air and on my way to Edinburgh! I’ll spend the night with family outside of Stirling, then a few days in the capital city before we head north to Inverness, stopping in St. Andrews on the way. From there we’re off to Fort William, where we’ll climb Ben Nevis and get some quality time with the great outdoors. We stop in Oban before making our way back to the Lowlands to Glasgow, and then finally to Edinburgh to fly back home 10 days later.

So it’s one more hot toddy for me before I fly fly fly away. Goodbye for now, readers. See you in 10 days. And, since I’ll be gone when it’s time to say it, Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Kelly…out of the Kitchen.

  1. Precious Kellly, Have a faulous time in Scotland…!! My grandmother was born in Scotland …Julia Fallon… 1894 …I visited  the town she lived in  with my famlily in 1995…special place… You are an amazing and gifted young lady…and why does that not surprise me??? Love and wishes for a great trip.. Marilyn Burden

    1. Marilyn, thank you for the sweet note!! We had a fabulous time in Scotland and I’m already trying to think of a time to go back again. Whereabouts did your grandmother live in Scotland? I wonder if I was anywhere near there!


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